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Tuesday, August 11, 2020
Celebrating 81 years

SEKA 2019

Cyprus Community Club Dance School 

The Cyprus Community of NSW Dance School has been operating for  over 20 years, with many children attending classes to keep up our Culture and Heritage. With over 150 students enrolled and 11 dance classes operating on Saturdays from 1.00pm to 5.00pm, and 1 mid week class for our seniors our school is always buzzing. Students ages vary from 4 years to just under 30 years,  regardless the age, they love to dance and perform.


Our Dance School offers a wide variety of  styles of dance that is Traditional Cypriot, Traditional Greek and Modern Greek dances and Jazz, that are choreographed by the many talented teachers of the school. Our teachers and the dance committee realise that in order to increase the number of students and keep the students happy, you must offer a variety of dances.


The students of this dance school represent the entire Cypriot Community of NSW at many functions throughout the year. Our students have had the opportunity to perform Cypriot and Greek dances at many Folkloric Festivals, including Tourist and Travel Show, Chinese New Year Celebrations, Charitable Functions, Commercial and Private Functions. There has been a trend in performing at Weddings, Engagements, Anniversaries, Christening parties and many more.  


In 2000, our school was invited to perform at the Opening Ceremony for the Australian Youth Olympics Festival which was held at the Sydney Entertainment Centre.  


Our Dance School also supports SEKA,  the Justice for Cyprus Committee.


The biggest achievement for the Dance School was to send our first group to Cyprus in 2005. These students danced at the Wine Festival in Limassol and across various festivals in Cyprus. With the strong dedication and support of students and parents we were able to send a second group to Cyprus in 2008.


The dance school provides an opportunity for our children to keep the Cypriot and Greek flame burning in their hearts. The children are not only taught to dance, but develop a sense of pride and are proud of their background. Children at this school develop strong friendships as they grow up together under the umbrella of the Cyprus Community of NSW. Thank you to the students, parents, teachers and the dance committee for their commitment and dedication to ensure a successful dance school.


Lets keep Culture & Heritage alive through Dance.
If you would like to make any enquiries or book one of our performing groups for your next function please contact Roula on 0418229236.